Friday, February 21, 2014

San Francisco

Strangely enough, the city makes me feel more connected to humanity and individual persons. I live in a fairly small town that literally translates to Cow Town, which is basically what it is, and have been going to an even smaller private Christian school all my life. Whenever I'm around people at school, youth group, or anywhere else, I feel isolated and out of touch. It gives me that gutted out sense of loneliness, even with my friends. But when I'm in the city, especially Portland, Oregon, I am free of the expectations of my stereotype given to me by all the narrow-minded people. I can be alone without the empty loneliness, and that's a wonderful thing. The people around barely notice me, but it doesn't hurt me. Maybe it's because, even through all the years, I'm still rejected by my peers. It's not that they don't like me; I'm just unimportant to most. I can't wait to finally graduate and move to the city to start my life. Occasional day trips remind me of this future. For now, I'm just grateful to be leaving my suffocating school next year.
Here are some photos from Sunday. I attempted street photography for the first time, so I was a bit nervous to ask people to take their photograph. I missed out on many good photo oppurtunities, but I learned. The others are of my little sister and my father.

(I know it's not the best picture, but I have been in love with this dress from Free People for a while now. So when I saw this girl wearing it, I just had to snap a quick pic.)

(Also not the best photo, but my sisters and I always hold our breath when we go under tunnels for some strange reason. I wanted to capture this age old tradition.)

-Have a wonderful day
Sierra Joy

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Sunrise Silhouettes

So today, I revisited a poem that I wrote last year for English class because Mrs. Marchione, my teacher, invited me and a few other of my peers to sit in on her seventh grade Advanced English class. It turns out that they were analyzing poems, one of which happened to be mine. I'll be honest, the experience gave me a boost of confidence. The girl who chose my poem from that class, Sam, interpreted it differently from my intended purpose and meaning, but I was grateful for a different perspective. I would like you to also read and respond to it in whatever way relates to you. Feel free to comment your aspects.

Sunrise Silhouettes

People are silhouettes
Outlines in black
Against a colorful sunrise

The silhouette appears
Obscure and mysterious
In the early break of dawn

The endless shadow seems as if
It might be hiding something
In the depths of the darkness

While the glowing backdrop
Gives the silhouette a congenial feel
Which enhances the beauty

They contradict each other
Making the silhouette
Even more perplexing

I wonder what the sun will reveal
Once it exposes the dark shape
I wish I could see the detail of the vague image

As I wait and watch
I realize that patience is essential
In order to see the beautiful
Person that you seem to be

By Sierra Richardson

-Have a wonderful day
Sierra Joy

Tuesday, February 18, 2014


I'm going to begin a blog for my photography, writing, and other extra things to share who I am. I am interested in many forms of art so I will have a variety of posts. I thought that I'd share my goals for this blog so those of you who choose to follow my journey through my adolescent years can keep me accountable.

1. Post at least twice a week.
2. Develop relationships with people that share interests and passions with me.
3. Stay motivated to make art.

Those three things appear deceivingly simple, but I have an issue with procrastination and communicating skills. It will be hard, not impossible though. I will stay devoted to this blog and more importantly, the people connected to it and my art. Stay tuned for more posts and check out my social networks as well.

-Have a wonderful day.
Sierra Joy