Friday, May 30, 2014

Summer Goals 2014

Yesterday was fortunately my last day at VCS ever. Next year, I won't be returning as a student of VCS but as a student at Buckingham Charter School. It's exciting to imagine myself anywhere other than VCS because I've been growing up with the same people my whole life. It will be quite an adventure for me, but I want to make the summer between that transition the best it can possibly be. I will meet new people through my newly organized photography club and possible instameets while also connecting even more deeply with the beloved friends I have now. To ensure that I don't just end up lying around my house all summer, I've created a list (oh me and my never ending lists) of goals to complete over the summer. 

1. Stand up while surfing. 
2. Swim laps twice per week.
3. Go on two bike rides per week. 
4. Write at least three short stories. 
5. Complete at least one short film.
6. Switch to all-natural beauty products. 
7. Complete at least five planned photo shoots.
8. Host at least ten photography meet-ups (five local and five travel). 
9. Write about the adventures I have on my blog and in my scrapbook.
10. Learn to enjoy the company of others without the distraction of my camera.

As you can see, I have a variety of interests that I want to pursue this summer, and I am fully expectant of myself to accomplish all of them because I feel passionate about these activities. Please stay tuned for my physical activity, my attempted short film, and photo shoots that I'm super excited about (including a nymph shoot and a 1950's shoot). 

-Have a wonderful day
Sierra Joy

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Earth Day

April 22, 2014

I decided to do something naturey on Earth Day this year. I told my dad of this desire, and he took it to the next level. My dad, Sloane, and I walked straight out of our backyard (We live in the country.) and just started walking. There were fields and fields of this tall green grass. My dad told me the name, but I can't remember. Along the way, my dad taught us about all of the plants we encountered. This tends to happen with him since he's an arborist. My dad also told us about the history of our town. He moved to Vacaville when he was in sixth grade, and the town wasn't nearly as populated as it is now. All of the suburbs we hiked by hadn't even existed when my dad was a kid. There were just empty fields. When he was younger, he and his friends would ride their motorcycles all over those fields. I wish I could have that sort of freedom. I also learned that there used to be a train that ran right behind my school to drop off fruits and nuts, the main industry if Vacaville at that time. Isn't that neat? 

Have a wonderful day.
-Sierra Joy

Easter Sunrise

April 20, 2014

This was a very special morning for me because one of my fondest memories of Easter was our family driving to this special lookout and watching the sunrise while we read the story of Jesus's resurrection. We hadn't done that tradition for many past years though. I convinced my mom and Sloane to join me. I even threatened to bike seven miles up to the spot by myself at 4:00 in the morning if they didn't come. Luckily, these drastic measures were not necessary since my mom decided to drive us. We arrived a little late, and the sun had already begun to peer over the hills. We still enjoyed ourselves though and were in awe by God's magnificent beauty.

Have a wonderful day.
-Sierra Joy

Nightgown Photoshoot

April 19, 2014

Several months ago, I purchased this gorgeous nightgown at a vintage market in my town. I was so excited to use it in my photography, and I finally had the opportunity to. It was more of a practice, and I only got a few shots that I really liked. I'm creating a concept that involves the nightgown at this moment, so I'll plan another photo shoot with more detail and better execution. I apologize for the first couple that are a bit creepy. I went inside to grab my tripod, and when I returned Sloane was hiding around the corner like this. Inevitably, I had to take photos of her posing like that. We also got three new baby chicks, whom you will see in the photos. They're so fragile and adorable.

Have a wonderful day.
-Sierra Joy