Sunday, April 6, 2014

Group Photoshoot

So today, I had a photoshoot with four of my friends. Two were photographers. Two were models. I was a bit nervous that they wouldn't mingle well together because they were all so different, but I didn't need to. Everybody got along well with one another. It was wonderful to unite some of my favorite people with a common interest. The day was hot, and there was much climbing and jumping to get around to different locations. The motto of the day was, "We suffer for the art." I'd say the suffering was definitely worth the end results. I used my new camera, whose name is Dorian, and stayed completely on manual! I'm very proud of myself for using manual exposure and focus. It was easier than I'd expected because I've learned so much about the technicalities of photography and grasp the concepts. On a different note, I'm getting annoyed with Instagram's photo quality; it seems to be getting increasingly worse. Hopefully, they'll do something about that soon...

-Have a wonderful day
Sierra Joy

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