Thursday, April 3, 2014

Photography Progress


It never would have imagined when I woke up at the break of dawn to experiment with photography that I would have later created a blog and an Instagram dedicated to photography. I also wouldn't have thought that I'd be willing to save up my money for five months to buy a $440 camera. With the recent purchase of a Nikon D3200 (As of yesterday!), I thought it would be interesting to see my progress with the different cameras I've owned. 

Nikon Coolpix S3100

This is the itty bitty camera that started it all. I had been obsessed with Instagram photographers and decided it would be fun if I tried to do something like it. I did a little research and learned that one of the easiest times of the day to shoot at is dawn. So I forced my little sister to wake up at 5:00 am and model for me on June 27, 2013 (not that I remembered or anything...) Looking back, I can identify many things wrong with these pictures, but it's better if I don't point them all out.

Nikon Coolpix L820

For a point-and-shoot camera, this model is pretty great, and I captured a lot of photos that I truly love.   I knew it wasn't a long term camera though because it was still just a simple camera that had no manual control. I've realized what my style is through this camera though, and because of that I will be grateful. I'll probably still use this camera for times when I don't feel comfortable bringing my DSLR, and I will be allowing my little sister to use it if she ever wants to be the photographer rather than the model. Here are my favorite pictures taken with this camera.

Nikon D3200

I haven't taken any good photos with this one yet, just test pictures for practice. I'm excited for what adventures lie ahead that I will be able to capture using this camera. Upcoming photos are to come with a spring break trip to Disneyland, my older sister's senior pictures (eek!), and summer vacation day trips and hikes. I've come a long way in just 10 months, and I can't wait to see how much further I will come in the future. 

-Have a great day.
Sierra Joy

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