Friday, March 28, 2014

Exposure Practice

Ever since digital photography school introduced me to the idea of holistic photography, I've been trying to learn more about the technical aspect of photography. Many things still confuse me, but that site has helped me a lot to advance in the knowledge of how my camera works. One of their most recent posts Understanding Exposure in Under 10 Minutes, written by Annie Tao, gave a new take on exposure and how to comprehend it. I'm so grateful because that was a concept that I had struggled with. After reading it over several more times to really grasp it, I decided it was time to use the information in practice. I used my mom's camera, which is quite old, so I couldn't find how to control shutter speed. Other than that, I was able to understand aperture and ISO more and how they work together. Another good thing is that Sloane said I've become more patient and gentle, meaning I'm not going hardcore Nazi mode on her.

(I love seeing Sloane's goofier side.)

(She loves her poncho...)

(She insisted upon taking photos with the samurai sword she had won at her most recent jiu jitsu tournament.)

-Have a wonderful day
Sierra Joy

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