Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Music Discoveries

I'm recovering from a fever today, and I've had quite a bit of time on my hands. (Even though I have an English article rough draft due. Oops!) So as I was procrastinating on the Free People blog as per usual, one of their latest posts lead me to some delightful music findings. Here's a link for you to check out the post yourself: SXSW 2014 Must-See Bands

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This band is radical in every sense of the word. It gives me an idea of what the 60's era was like though the band was formed in 2012. The British group of four creates psychedelic pop music, and their music videos are exactly how I'd imagined and more. They're full of interesting mirror illusions, colorful powder, and trippy effects. All of their songs are amazing, but I recommend Prisms, the song that got me hooked, and Keep In The Dark, the music video that intrigued me and kept me wanting more.

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Nicole Atkins is a compelling musician with a beautiful Broadway-esque voice. I don't exactly know which genre to classify her as or who to compare her to. Each song has a vibe so different from every other, it's hard to put her in a box. You'd think that because of this you understand who she is more through her music, but it's quite the opposite. The contrast between her songs only adds to her mystery; some are perky and upbeat while others are haunting and thought provoking. It's hard to only choose a select few songs because of her diversity, but I can narrow it down to three: Brooklyn's On Fire! (this one's probably my favorite right now), Hotel Plaster (I have been troubling over the meaning of the music video so to those of you who watch it, tell me your insights), and Maybe Tonight (the video must have been really fun to make).

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This quintet has contagious melodies with beats that make you wanna dance. The front women have an excellent personality combination, and their voices compliment one another's in perfect harmony. Not to mention, the two guitarists and the drummer are just as handsome and talented. Although most of the music is upbeat and poppy, there's a dark almost cult-like underlining that's portrayed through their music videos. They also have some slower songs that are dreamy to listen to. Three songs stick out to me personally. Turn It AroundGo Home, and Dear Tom which I cannot seem to find anywhere.

(Cover of their latest self-titled album)

Warpaint is a quartet of four gorgeous girls who make amazing artistic alternative music and have great style might I add. The soft vocals and soothing guitar riffs cause me to sway in peaceful bliss. It's the kind of music I would unwind to after a long day with a nice cup of tea. The beauty of the music touches my ears like a delicate kiss. That sounds ridiculous, but if you listen to it you will understand. BabyWar PaintUndertow

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This darling married couple has the cutest story, which they express in every song. We get a small glimpse into the intamacy of their love; it's such a wonderful experience. They met when they were college students, and after graduation they bought a sailboat, named the Swift Ranger, and for seven months sailed the Eastern Seaboard. They then moved back to Colorado and recorded songs with a hint of 50's pop that were inspired by their adventure on sea and the conversations they had. Precious, right? And I can always tell when they come onto Pandora because of the personal lyrics. WaterbirdsDeep In The Woods100 Lovers

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Okay, last one for today. This band wasn't on the list from Free People, but I found them through the Papa Pandora station, who I ended up not liking at all. Their sound reminds me of Panic! At The Disco, except less eclectic. The lyrics are amazingly meaningful yet simple which I appreciate at times. Sometimes, I don't want to solve a puzzle to understand the message of a song. Though the complicated poems of some songs consume my mind with wonderful thoughts. Their songs truly are beautiful if you listen to the lyrics. Don't Forget Sister (doesn't this video make you want to be their friend?), Heart Attack, and Cinema Tonight.

Hopefully, I get that rough draft done... Wish me luck!

-Have a wonderful day.
Sierra Joy

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